Central Albertans are being deprived of critical access to healthcare

The Red Deer Regional Hospital Centre (RDRH) can no longer handle the needs of Central Albertans, yet it was dropped from the provincial infrastructure priority list in 2016. In 2017, the Society for Hospital Expansion in Central Alberta was formed to help save lives by demanding care and raising voices for the government to prioritize and fund the expansion. Both Government and Alberta Health Services have an urgent obligation to plan and fund the expansion of the Red Deer Regional Hospital.


Number of days Red Deer Hospital was overcapacity in 2017.


The number of beds needed since 2015.

Demand Care in your community

We want the government to commit to funding the hospital expansion project so we can save lives and make quality healthcare accessible to Central Albertans. With your help and the support of Alberta Health Services, we can demand care in our community!

  • Needs Assessment – Complete – awaiting its release to the public by AHS
  • Business Case – In progress – expected by Winter 2020
  • Government Final Approval – In Progress – We need the Government’s Commitment to fund the project NOW!

Help save lives, let’s make our hospital expansion a reality

We demand high quality care. It is not a matter of if you will be in the hospital – it’s a matter of when. Why wait until it happens to you or your loved ones, when you can act today. No one deserves to suffer, wait long hours, or be forced to travel for services because they don’t live in Edmonton or Calgary. Let’s bring healthcare close to home.

#DemandCare Now

Demand Care in your community

Demand care in your community!

Get Involved

6 ways to support the cause:

  1. Follow us and share your opinion on social media
  2. Write to your MLA
  3. Attend a rally
  4. Tell your story
  5. Volunteer
  6. Join the society

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